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Alla Russian woman Sumy, Украина

Exclusive_Alla 39 лет

Alla russian bride from Sumy, Украина есть дети.
In my humble opinion, I am a person who is positive about each aspect of life. I am not an "ideal", but yes I am happy to be alive and well, and I appreciate the people around... больше о Alla из Sumy


Roza-Maria Russian woman Nizhyn, Украина

Roza_Mary 23 лет

Roza-Maria russian bride from Nizhyn, Украина есть дети.
Being a single mom of two small kids I don't have illusions about life or my future. There was a time when I thought that my life was finished, so hard it was to be alone bringing ... больше о Roza-Maria из Nizhyn


Elena Russian woman Kharkov, Украина

RealDESIRE 43 лет

Elena russian bride from Kharkov, Украина без детей.
I can say that I am independent and I know how to deal with my life. I am self-sufficient woman, but I can’t say that I love this way of living very much. That would be so wonderfu... больше о Elena из Kharkov


Natalya Russian woman Krasnodar, Россия

xBerry_Cherryx 39 лет

Natalya russian bride from Krasnodar, Россия без детей.
Life is so beautiful, life is to be enjoyed…but it is hard to enjoy it fully without your soulmate by your side! So I am here to find that special man who will become my best frien... больше о Natalya из Krasnodar


Inna Russian woman Odessa, Украина

InnaSweetyLove 49 лет

Inna russian bride from Odessa, Украина есть дети.
I'm in love with this capricious life! It puts my network ... and I ran and I attack them! I circled every day scents of cinnamon and coffee beans when I wake up in the morning a... больше о Inna из Odessa


Olya Russian woman Zhytomyr, Украина

The_best_one_Olya 34 лет

Olya russian bride from Zhytomyr, Украина есть дети.
I am REAL LADY. I am kind and shy. I take lessons in singing. I enjoy reading. I think that due to reading we can travel to faraway unknown countries not even leaving a bedroom. H... больше о Olya из Zhytomyr


Reanna Russian woman Sudak, Россия

REANNA 45 лет

Reanna russian bride from Sudak, Россия есть дети.
Here I am! Looking for my love my destiny! AM I on a right way?! I hope so... Whad do you want to know about me? what is more important for you? Well,I have a daughter who is an ... больше о Reanna из Sudak


Anna Russian woman Vinnitsa, Украина

YourGirlfriend 18 лет

Anna russian bride from Vinnitsa, Украина без детей.
I'm a small, very tender and fragile girl. I can sincerely love, smile, and be happy. I want to give my happiness to a man who will conquer my heart. We will be happy together….... больше о Anna из Vinnitsa


Valerie Russian woman Khmelnitsky, Украина

X_Valerie_X 26 лет

Valerie russian bride from Khmelnitsky, Украина есть дети.
Everything you should know about me for now is the fact that I need YOU in my life. As all I have doesn't make me completely happy. My job, that I like so much, my morning deliciou... больше о Valerie из Khmelnitsky


Anna Russian woman Symi, Украина

Magical_An_777 45 лет

Anna russian bride from Symi, Украина есть дети.
I like being a woman. Because only in a woman so many colors can be mixed. I like to be bright and attractive. I try to look appealing and keep myself fit . I really like walki... больше о Anna из Symi


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